Has Your Computer Or Device Ever Been Hacked Or Compromised?

Welcome to MySafeSurf.Org. My Safe Surf was designed to breech the wall between kids as well as the parents and teachers who guide them. Our website deals with online safety and bullying, with particular emphasis on particularly vulnerable victims such as children, the elderly, as well as uneducated surfers who are simply searching the internet for entertainment or educational purposes. 
My Safe Search is considered by many to be at the forefront of a new niche commonly referred to as online bullying monitoring and risk assessment. Our staff of seasoned data analysts, clinical psychologists, and special education teachers are spearheading special projects designed to identify relevant internet bullying trends and in-turn take preventive measures designed to either take down certain websites or services or alternatively help the victims.
Our cybersecurity staff is also comprised of industry-leading experts which do pro bono work for us and volunteer. We specialize in DDOS mitigation, firewall security, custom antivirus software, AI security protocols, cloud computing security, and brute force mitigation tactics. In the past our staff has identified and mitigated attacks related to cybergeddon , crypto-jacking malware, botnets, data breaches, time bombs, and polymorphic engines. The tools our staff use (partial list) consist of anomaly detection, code obfuscation, and mobile security gateways. 

“Bullies behind keyboards are still bullies!”

Bitcoin Ransomware Attacks, Money Laundering, and Get-Rich-Quick Schemes
Our staff is also experienced in negotiating tactics with hackers who demand use ransomware and exploit vulnerabilities. According to IT Governance, just in February 2021 there have been a record “2.3 billion records breached” only in the United Kingdom. Digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple are the preferred currencies due to their anonymity and the fact that they can easily be used to launder money.

The use of CFDs or contracts for difference is also well-known to authorities as a way to launder money. Again, victims are lured into investing through various get-rich-quick schemes like “Bit Index AI”, where they end up getting scammed and asked to pay for their investments with digital currencies.

Overall, the level of sophistication and brazenness which is displayed by hackers, cybercriminals, and spammers is very high. It requires a very well trained staff in order to help combat these types of attacks and mitigate them. MySafeSearch.Org is committed to helping victims recover their losses, but more importantly their self-dignity! We are here to help.