Stay Safe While Surfing

Surfing continues to increase in popularity among people of different skill levels and of all ages. It is now becoming important for everyone living in this generation to understand and practice at least the basic surfing etiquette. It is essential to have an elementary understanding of the safety elements accompanying surfing before you can try this thrilling sport. It is common to see suffers (experienced or armatures) being rescued from water by lifeguards or die in water, and this can happen to anyone. Poor safety measures can expose surfers to more risk that can otherwise be managed and reduced through following the laid down safety tips.

3Thankfully, such cases have remained rare, and you should therefore not miss out on such fantastic moments and experiences just because of fear. Learning to surf and experiencing the enjoyment in the ocean always provides a life-changing experience for many people around the globe. That is why you should always take it upon yourself to ensure that you spend those moments safely by following common sense and a little basic rules. Here are the most common surfing safety tips;

Fitness and Food

This might sound obvious, but before you try surfing, first make sure you are reasonably fit for it. You must be able to swim, and that makes this safety tip the most vital. Regular exercising and stretching before and after you surf can really help, especially when danger comes calling. If you decide to go for some fitness training regime for surfing, try designing an all-round workout with daily stretching, cardiovascular work, balance/core training, weights and getting out there and paddling (which is the most important of all).

Swimming ability also fall under this safety tip. You must be able to swim comfortably for more than 500 meters. Remember that the larger the surf the harder it is to swim, so your swimming should be stronger. Adopt a healthy diet designed to fit your workout and surfing activities and don’t go surfing for a minimum of 45 minutes after a meal.

Respect the Environment

Surfers are widely considered ocean ambassadors. They and their actions within and without the ocean should promote the well-being of our oceans and beaches. We all depend on clean, healthy oceans in one way or the other. As a surfer therefore, you should make it a habit to properly dispose of any kind of trash that you may encounter on the beach.

Don’t Surf While Intoxicated

Surfing under the influence of alcohol and some other drugs is never a good idea, unless you are planning to die. Save the drinking for later, also known as the after-surf bragging session. That is when you can enjoy that bottle of whatever it is you can’t go without.

Always Be Aware

You must always be aware of other surfers, water users, surf conditions and of your surfing area. This will minimize hazardous situations that may arise from negligence to this crucial safety tip. It will also prevent you from getting into trouble with the authorities or other surfers, and the most important of all, it will keep everyone safe.

When it comes to surfing, you must know your abilities in terms of the size of the waves you can surf comfortably in. many surfers expose themselves to great risks when they let it get into their heads and try what is too much for them

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